For the past 10 years, I have been helping grow organizations through digital marketing. 



I have taken dozens of website projects from initial ideation to successful website launch. Everything from simple landing pages optimized for lead generation, to corporate websites designed to take the visitor from curious bystander to loyal customer.  


Video is an extremely compelling digital medium for telling your story. I have had the pleasure of creating a large variety of video content, ranging from student testimonials to entertaining web shows.


Lead Generation

I have created hundreds of lead generation campaigns, drip programs, and cultivations systems designed to take individuals from curious bystander, to engaged prospect, to happy customer.

Creating thoughtful, effective, and beautiful digital spaces.


What story are you trying to tell with your website? What emotion do you want to evoke with your design and copywriting? Who are you telling your story to? What do you want your visitors to do? These are the questions I asked before delving into the projects listed below. 



Lumerit Education

Lumerit Education was in need of a clean and professional website that they could use to educate and recruit investors, universities and corporate partners. The goal of the website was to showcase Lumerit's history of student success, and paint a picture for future expansion.   


CollegePlus needed to create a website that would open their visitor's minds to the possibilities of a non-traditional approach to higher education. The website needed to be welcoming, credible, and informative, and needed to work as a lead generator. The redesigned site had a 20% lower bounce rate, and increased lead generation by 32%.

Telling authentic stories through the art of video production.

Below are some of the videos I have produced with a talented group of videographers and filmmakers. The testimonials are all unscripted, and created through interviews conducted by me, leading the person through their unique story.  


Keeping the conversation going from first touch to happy customer.


Through social platforms, landing pages, and e-mail cultivation, you have the ability to carry on a conversation with perspective customers, as well as your existing customer base. Below are a few examples of lead generation and cultivation. 



6 Credits In 2 Weeks

We launched the 6 Credits campaign to our internal e-mail list, a sponsored YouTube channel, and through Facebook ads. The results were spectacular. The page converted at 23% and delivered over a thousand sales qualified leads (at under $12 per lead). The leads were then culitvated through a drip program that had open rates of 30% and CTRs upwards of 5%.

Debt-Free Degree

Dual Credit Ebook

Generating sales qualified leads via Facebook has always proven to be challenging in the education space. This problem was blown away by our Dual Credit Ebook campaign which generated 660 sales qualified leads over the course of a month for under $10 per lead.

Guided Tour 

This Facebook campaign ran for 9 months in 2015 and generated over 200k impressions, 35k page views, and over 2500 marketing qualified leads, with cost per lead staying under $5.   

The challenge: create a high performing landing page that has tangible value, while filtering out unqualified prospects. This was accomplished by a retargeting campaign via Facebook to individuals who had visited certain pages of our website, driving them to this landing page.